Bitcoin Hits 2019 High Before Dropping Lower Again - April 24th Cryptocurrency News

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  • 02:10
  • 2019-4-24
  • 2019-4-24

Today Bitcoin hit its highest level so far this year, climbing past $5,640.

Bitcoin had a great day yesterday and it continued to head higher today, reaching its highest point in a few months, before falling lower again, dropping below $5,500 today. According to this day last year Bitcoin was over $8,800. The cryptocurrency marketcap climbed past $185,000 on Tuesday, but today the cryptocurrency market is in the red suffering some losses over the past 24 hours. On Tuesday we saw Ether surpass $176 before dropping lower again. Today ether suffered losses of more than 6%.

Hitting headlines this week were reports that John McAfee might reveal the real name behind Bitcoin’s creator.

He told Bloomberg that he would unveil Sathoshi’s true identity, but he later changed his mind as he is afraid it could damage his efforts to fight an extradition to the U.S.

Tezos is the biggest loser out of the top 20 today with losses of more than 13%. On Tuesday Tezos climbed to its highest level so far this year. There were reports circulating around this week that real estate are coming to the tezos platform through a white label partnership with two blockchain companies.

Tezos started off this year on a pretty flat note, but in March we saw it start on a upward trend, and on tuesday it reached its highest price so far this year. Today we saw Tezos experience some losses. It is in 15th place in terms of marketcap.