Bitcoin Climbs Past $5,200, Monero Celebrates 5th Anniverary - April 17th Cryptocurrency News

  • Crypto
  • 02:23
  • 2019-4-17
  • 2019-4-17

The cryptocurrency market is back in the green today experiencing gains over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin climbed back over $5,200 again. Tezos experienced the biggest gains out of the top 20 today with gains of more than 9%. Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero experienced gains of more than 4%. Tomorrow Monero will celebrate its 5th anniversary.

The Monero community will have a meetup in Toronto. There will be live video conferences. And the Vienna-based institute RIAT will hold all-day activities on April 18th, opening their doors as a place to celebrate, discuss, and learn about privacy. Today the price of Monero is around $67. This day last year it was over $200. In January 2018, Monero hit its a record high of around $500. Monero is in 12th place in terms of marketcap.

Now let’s see what else is happening in the crypto world. MUFG Innovation Partners Co has invested in crypto company Chainalysis. So let’s take a closer look.