Tezos Surges, IOTA Climbs Higher, Bitcoin Remains Stuck - March 22nd Cryptocurrency News

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  • 02:38
  • 2019-3-22
  • 2019-3-22

This week Bitcoin remains stuck around the $4,000 level, struggling to move much higher. Most cryptocurrencies in the top 20 are in the red today. Cardano’s ADA experienced gains of more than 7% and IOTA experienced gains of more than 3%. This week, IOTA payments and banking services app Zeux has partnered up with the IOTA Foundation.

Tezos experienced gains of more than 9% today. This week the Tezos Foundation announced the completion of five security audits covering the Tezos core protocol.

Tezos said that it intends to continue working with software auditor Least Authority and other third-party auditors to implement security best practices and minimize the risk of serious threats and vulnerabilities for the Tezos protocol and greater ecosystem.

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