Bitcoin BTC Climbs Closer To $4,000, EOS Gains The Most Out Of Top 20 - Feb 19th Cryptocurrency News

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  • 02:21
  • 2019-2-19
  • 2019-2-19

The cryptocurrency market is looking more positive this week as the total crypto marketcap climbed past $134 billion today. There are reports circulating around this week hinting that Japanese Amazon Rakuten is thinking about accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Last week Bitcoin was stuck around the $3,600 level but today we see it climbing towards $4,000. And Today we saw the price of ethereum move closer to $150.

The ethereum constantinople upgrade was postponed in January due to potential issues and vulnerabilities. It is now scheduled to take place towards the end of February.

On Monday Bitmain technologies announced an Energy-Efficient ASIC chip for mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

EOS is the biggest gainer out of the top 20 today, with gains of more than 18% This week we saw it hit its highest level so far this year.

And last week JP Morgan announced plans to launch JPM Coin. JPMorgan's CEO is well known for being a bitcoin and crypto hater, but he always admired blockchain technology.

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