How to Update Wasabi Wallet to v 1.1.1 with Bitcoin Core Integration & Tor Fixes

  • Crypto
  • 08:51
  • 2019-2-12
  • 2019-2-12

Release Summary:
+ If you have a full node running, from now on Wasabi will ask blocks from it instead of random peers. This is the first step towards complete Bitcoin Core integration.
+ Updated the built in Tor to the latest stable.
+ Removed GTK dependency on Linux and now we are directly using X11. So if previously you were not able to run Wasabi on your Linux distribution, from now on most likely you will.
+ Added debian package.
+ Filter download now twice as fast, because compressed filters are transferred.
+ Downloadable binaries are 3 times smaller, because filters are not shipped with them anymore.

Reclaim your privacy now!

As Bitcoin is becoming more and more mainstream, its fungibility is being threatened. Powerful interests are spending immeasurable resources on mass surveillance, and Blockchain analysis companies are rapidly gaining traction. Meanwhile, privacy work on Bitcoin is also gaining momentum, but it is up to You who wins this battle.

Wasabi is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy focused Bitcoin wallet, that implements trustless coin shuffling with mathematically provable anonymity: Chaumian CoinJoin, it is the first of its kind. However, "anonymity loves company", the more users there are, the better your privacy, and the faster the CoinJoin rounds will be. Whether you are looking for state of the art operational security or you are philosophically aligned with the principles of freedom and privacy, now it is YOUR time to contribute. Fire up your Wasabi and start providing liquidity for CoinJoins to bootstrap the system!


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