Ethereum Fork To Occur On Feb 27th, Is Unit-e The Answer To Scalability Issues? Jan 18th Crypto News

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  • 02:12
  • 2019-1-18
  • 2019-1-18

We saw the cryptocurrency market struggle again this week. At the start of the week we saw Bitcoin climb over $3,700 before getting stuck back under this level again. Ether also experienced gains on Monday, before suffering losses again.

The ethereum hard fork was expected to take place this week, but the ethereum community decided to postpone it due to potential vulnerabilities.

Hardfork Coordinator Afri Schoedon tweeted today “we are targeting February 27th. block number still to be figured out which is a bit more involved due to increasing block times

Now let’s see what else is happening in the crypto world. Professors from Stanford University MIT, Berkley and the University of California, Berkeley are creating a cryptocurrency. This week Distributed Technologies Research, a Swiss-based non-profit foundation that funds innovative research and development of distributed technologies, announced its official launch, and introduced its first project, Unit-e, a globally scalable decentralized payments system.

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