Augur Gains Over 40%, Waves Announces Details of Vostok Airdrop - Jan 17th Cryptocurrency News

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  • 02:27
  • 2019-1-17
  • 2019-1-17

Bitcoin seems to be stuck around the $3,600 level today and most of the leading cryptocurrencies are struggling again today. The ethereum hard fork was expected to take place yesterday but the ethereum community decided to postpone it due to potential vulnerabilities. But Augur stands out today as we saw it gain more than 40% over the past 24 hours.

Veil a peer-to-peer prediction market and derivatives platform built on top of Augur, 0x, and Ethereum has launched on Ethereum’s Mainnet. And in Augur’s latest development update released today, it said that over the past week, the Augur team has been focused on wrapping up implementation of the trading page redesign, Continuing research on design options for off-chain middleware in Augur version 2, V2 contract updates, fixing bugs, including issues related to profit/loss calculation & open interest sorting for market categories. Today we saw Augur climb past $16 before falling a little lower again, this day last year it was over $60. In December we saw it drop to its lowest level in 2018 falling below $6. Augur is in 34th place in terms of marketcap.

Today the founder and CEO of Waves tweeted the terms of the 30 million vostok token airdrop to Waves and WCT holders.The airdrop will take place the first week of April in waves tokens that will be swapped for waves tokens once vostok’s network is operational. And today Binance announced that it is adding WAVES/USDT, WAVES/TUSD, WAVES/PAX and WAVES/USDC Trading Pairs to its platform on the 18th of January.
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